Your choice makes
the world better.
~Let your “taste experience”
be a source of “happiness” to someone.~

Well Food Market & Café
imperfect Omotesando


“imperfect” considers social issues such as poverty and exploitation that lie behind food production fields, to be one of the world’s imperfections. We aim to resolve these issues with our customers through business with the approach: “What we do may be imperfect, but let’s take a small step together to make the world and society a better place.”


Voting for “Do well by doing good.”

At “imperfect” store and website, we are engaged in “Do well by doing good.” Activity as a part of initiatives to work together with our customers to make improvements, in any way we can, to the various social issues surrounding food and agriculture around the world.
We ask our customers who visit the store to decide sustainable projects for famers by their voting and a part of our sales contribute to carrying out the projects.
Please join our voting for “Do well by doing good.”.